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7 Winning Automotive Tech Reveals from CES 2020

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Let's Get Technical

Automotive tech reveals stole the show with eye-popping, noteworthy innovations amidst a cascade of whirring, blinking and beeping electronics at CES 2020—the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Automotive manufacturers have increasingly relied on bedazzling electronics gear to attract and retain the new generation of tech-savvy buyers. As a result, advanced infotainment, safety systems, improved high-efficiency electric drivetrains and autonomous capabilities dominated at CES. The event filled the winter auto industry void caused by the Detroit International Auto Show moving from January to June.

7 Major Automotive Tech Wonders

  1. Nissan still leads its automotive competitors, including Tesla, in worldwide electric vehicle sales. This year they presented their Ariya EV concept SUV. The Ariya EV boasts a 300-mile range, even more power and maneuvering capabilities with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. The Ariya is projected to arrive in showrooms by late 2021.
  2. Continental AG teamed with the audio company Sennheiser to convert the entire interior of new cars into virtual speaker systems, with its Ac2ated Sound system. They use vibrating actuators consequently creating an exciting total immersion audio environment that emits sound from a host car's dashboard, A-pillars, door panels and headliners.
  3. Sony, a name synonymous with home entertainment and personal electronics, we witnessed a completely functional Vision-S prototype. Vision-S serves as a test-bed to demonstrate mind-blowing in-vehicle entertainment experience and user interface technology.
  4. German engineers debuted the Bosch Virtual Visor. The visor turns the low-tech sun visor into a transparent LCD screen. Additionally, it has an in-car RGB camera which senses the sun shining on the driver's face and then darkens sections of the Virtual Visor to cut glare, while 90% of the visor stays fully transparent for better visibility.
Automotive Tech

Virtual Visor from Bosch, a transparent LCD and intuitive camera, which replaces the traditional vehicle sun visor completely.
Picture: Bosch

7 Unveilings Continued...

  1. Can't imagine leaving home without assistance from Amazon's Alexa—it's ok Lamborghini has you covered. Lamborghini and all-electric RIVIAN Trucks and SUVs will be equipped with built-in Alexa connectivity and service. Amazon was a seed investor in the RIVIAN project, with a half-billion-dollar stake in the company as well as Ford Motor Company.
  2. While Faraday Futures FF91 has received tons of press for its 360-mile range, 1050 horsepower, combined three motor concept vehicle. It is still awaiting funding to start producing 30,000 cars a year in California. The company is also angling for more investment funding to build a factory in China to supply its intensely EV oriented marketplace. 
  3. BMW is not the first to borrow seating technology from space exploration. But the BMW ZeroG Lounger is taking seating technology to the next solar system. The element of zero-gravity seating borrowed from NASA is designing surfaces to support the human body for long periods without deadening the senses in the back, buttocks and upper legs.

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The new seat tech is expected to be available in the next few seasons. The BMW X7 ZeroG Lounger seats tilt 40 or 60 degrees with airbags that literally wrap around the driver of the car and passengers. Additionally, is a visual directional orientation feature in the headliner that suppresses motion sickness while in full reclining position.

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