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10 Online Auto Auctions for Car Dealers Made Simple

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The list of online car auctions for used cars is growing. According to a study published by Manheim, "more than 80,000 businesses participate in the used vehicle industry."

That 80K includes online auto auctions. Online auctions make it easier to for your dealership to deliver a diverse, used car inventory.

Licensed dealers are generally looking for former rentals, lease turnovers or trade-ins with low mileage or even, 0-mile cars aka showroom overstock.

But with so many to choose from, it’s essential to know which online auctions cater to the specific needs of car dealers looking to increase their merchandise.

Online Auto Auctions vs. Brick-and-Mortar

Even though you won't be able to have that face-to-face contact and action you crave from the traditional brick-and-mortar auction, online auctions are not worth overlooking.

In a nutshell, technology is making it easier than ever for you to have way more control of your time. Online auto auctions are more efficient for car dealers. Additionally, an online auto auction means less travel time spent in your car. That means more time at your desk bidding online for the perfect cars.

So, online auctions might not have the same energy and excitement as you might experience cruising the auction lanes. However, sometimes you might not even have more than 30 seconds to inspect a car at a live auction house if something exciting comes up. With an online auto auction, you cand do everything you need to from the comfort of your showroom office and bid even bid on multiple auctions at once.


Manheim, the leading online dealer auction, offers intuitive experiences that make up for the lack of face-to-face interactions dealers crave. The digital product offers instant access to dealers, so you don't miss a beat when it comes to filling your lot with the latest offerings in used cars.


eBay Motors offers an online auction that some dealers use to connect with buyers and generate leads. But it's not going to get you the wholesale priced vehicle your looking for to grow your inventory. It's a huge risk to purchase a car from another dealer for your dealership, why would you want a car another dealership isn't willing to sell?


Copart began as a salvage yard in California in 1982 and currently serves 11 countries. Their online auto auctions deal with over 175,000 cars a day. So, Copart makes it easy for dealers to bid from a computer or a mobile device on clean title autos and participate in weekly online auctions.

Auto Auction Mall

Auto Auction Mall gives uses a dealer license to buy cars and give consumers access to dealer car auctions. Their number one goal is to to offer lowcost, used pre-owned, salvage & insurance vehicles. So, essentially, they are taking out the middle man (car dealers) by providing access to used cars at dealer prices. Additionally, they ship worldwide.

IAA Insurance Auto Auctions

IAA gives car dealers back the time they need to focus on selling with tools and services to streamline online auto auctions. From used car parts to background information on every car, IAA is an exporter of vehicles and offers multiple payment options and a "Buy Now" feature, which allows dealers to purchase a vehicle in between auctions.


Adesa really "loves it' dealers" and celebrating dealer appreciation month. They want to help you buy and sell your inventory as fast as possible. They offer a simulcast remote seller via Velocicast. North American auction houses use simulcast from Velocicast. Additionally, their website is multilingual to cater to Canadian dealers and the simulcasts allow you to monitor auctions from all of their locations. 

Americas Auto Auction

If you're looking for an online auto auction specializing in new car trade-ins and auction insured guaranteed funds to the seller, then America's Auto Auction is for you. Known for catering to dealer needs this all American auctioneer has you covered. With locations around the nation, you still have the option to enter bids online during auctions.

ACV Auctions

Just when you thought you'd heard it all. In addition to coast-to-coast, wholesale online auto auctions for dealers, ACV lets you listen online to the engine of the next car you add to your inventory.

Vanderbrink Auctions

Want to bid on a barn full of muscle cars? Or maybe you still work with the following rating system: excellent, fine, very good, good, restorable?  

If so, then Vanderbrink has an online auto auction for you. So, depending on what your dealership specialty is, you can sign up to be an online Bidders; this lets you pre-register and place bids before the live auction.

321 Ignition

If you're looking to get more used inventory and increase your gross profit, it's time to look at your dealership website. Accurate appraisals mean happier customers and more trade-ins and consignment sales for your dealership. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you capturing tons more unique inventory right from your website, from customers who are trading-in, selling but not buying, and looking for car consignment?
  • Are your appraisal tools competitive? Can people take car photos with their phones and instantly send them to your dealership for more spot-on appraisals.
  • Is it easy for shoppers to schedule and swing by for an appraisal with interactive scheduling systems featuring simple “date and time” drop downs, driving directions, and integrates with user calendars?

More trade-ins. Higher profits. Increase your unique used inventory fast. Even if you think your website has the separate elements it needs to keep your dealership competitive — your website “backbone” is sabotaging sales. 321 Ignition is the only dealer website designed to turn mobile shoppers into showroom traffic.