A car comparison page that sells cars faster…at higher gross profit

The only car comparison tool that motivates quicker, more premium sales

Most car comparison pages do the opposite of what they’re meant to do: they complicate the buying decision & slow it down. And the ability to compare cars isn’t even available on mobile devices in many instances. Our tools make car comparisons crystal clear — and when buyers see their options side-by-side, it often makes the decision to buy a more premium car win out.


Imagine how buyers will feel when they can actually drag & drop cars with a fingertip, to see their top 4 choices side-by-side, in any order they prefer. They’ll think they’ve landed in a futuristic Tom Cruise movie, but it’s really just your car comparison page. No other website provider has this ultra-modern functionality. And no other provider makes it so easy for buyers to narrow down their choices.

Show customized finance terms

Let the power of side-by-side monthly payment comparisons persuade buyers to choose pricier cars. Now buyers can compare the monthly costs of higher- and lower-priced vehicles: more expensive cars are often just a few dollars more in terms of monthly payment.

To show buyers how they can afford a better car, our platform lets them play around with length of loan, interest rate, down payment, etc. That dream car they thought was out of their budget? It’s totally affordable. And your average gross profit goes up automatically.

Take immediate action

No other dealer website platform uses the car comparison page to generate leads. They’re missing the boat. Once buyers have narrowed down their choices, this is the most important time to get them to take the next step in the car buying process.

That’s why our car comparison page provides such motivating calls to action, like “schedule a drive” ... “get pre-approved” ... “learn your credit score” ... and “get an online trade-in appraisal.” Make sure you keep the momentum going while they’re thinking about their next car.