Innovative car finance tools that create warm, qualified leads

Mobile-first, smart technology turns browsers into serious buyers

Give prospective buyers the ability to complete all financing online with smart, customizable tools. By the time they visit your dealership, all that’s left is a test drive. Getting buyers in and out fast means higher CSI scores for you.

Smart financing applications

Our pre-approval and finance apps have an astounding 55% completion rate. How is that possible? Two reasons: First, people are more likely to complete shorter forms. Our built-in smart app technology asks only relevant questions based on the shopper’s previous answer. We leave out all of the repetitive, unnecessary stuff that just bogs people down.

Second, since 60% of car shoppers are using a mobile device, our apps are mobile-first. That means, our keyboards change automatically to numeric when buyers type into form fields like zip code or SSN. It’s completely frictionless and easier to complete than any other app out there.

Customizable payment calculators

Every time a shopper searches cars by price — or by the monthly payment they can afford — you generate a lead. That’s because once that shopper calculates their financials (with inputs for credit score, length of loan, interest rate, etc.), we suggest the next actions to take to move through the car buying process.

So, if your prospect learns she can afford a payment of, say, $450/month, we immediately prompt her to “Search cars in your price range” OR “Get pre-approved.” This is a critical step in converting browsers to buyers, and no other dealer website provider has this lead gen functionality.