How to Sell More Cars on Facebook (FAST) in 2020

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Facebook continues to be the most popular social networking site and over 70% of marketers say Facebook ads are the most useful for achieving their goals.

8 significant reasons your car dealership should advertise on Facebook:

  1. Facebook has the best targeting tools to reach your exact audience
  2. Facebook advertising is cheaper than radio, TV and other traditional media
  3. Facebook advertising is measurable
  4. Facebook advertising is real-time
  5. Facebook advertising is scalable
  6. Facebook advertising is fast
  7. Facebook advertising is budget-friendly (works on any budget)
  8. Facebook advertising can increase your SEO rankings

Top OEM brands that already advertising on Facebook:

How to Crush Sales Quota at Your Dealership with Facebook Ads

Firstly, break industry norms and get more traffic into your showroom from FB ads by prioritizing two KPIs:

  1. Cost per click (CPC)
  2. Website conversion rate

Secondly, the goal is to get the cost per vehicle sold as low as possible so you can sell more cars with the same budget, or the same number of cars with a reduced budget.

To do that we need to get the cheapest quality clicks to your website possible and highest click to lead conversion rate possible.

How to Get the Cheapest Clicks Possible from Facebook

Additionally, two ways to dramatically reduce your cost per click and flood your dealership website with quality traffic:

  1. Targeting Facebook users on mobile is up to 67% cheaper & scalable than desktop:

    Facebook mobile usage has exploded since 2014, and now, over 96% of Facebook daily active users are on mobile devices.

    Like many supply and demand situations, as more users continue to move from a desktop to a mobile device, the desktop audience supply is increasingly decreasing. Therefore, it is now 67% more expensive to reach consumers on their desktops.

    By including mobile audiences into your targeting, you can instantly save 67% on CPM and 77% on the cost per click (CPC), and drive more traffic to your website and dealership showroom with the same budget.

    Facebook CPC and CPM deksktop vs. mobile
  2. Improve Ad Quality Ranking & Conversion Ranking to reduce CPC even further

    Facebook's focus is on driving meaningful connections that fuel user engagement of their platform. In turn, this catapults advertising revenue for their business (98% of Facebook revenue comes from advertising).(98% of Facebook revenue comes from advertising).

    To drive user engagement, Facebook needs to deliver a good ad experience for consumers. That means if your ad is low quality, it will likely show it to fewer people and your cost per click (CPC) will increase.

    Facebook looks at three metrics to determine if your ads create a meaningful and relevant experience:

    Quality Ranking –Measures the quality of your ad and the post-click experience in comparison to the others competing for the same audience.

    Conversion Rate Ranking – Measures the expected conversion rate your ad will drive in comparison to the others that are pursuing the same campaign goal and competing for the same audience.

    Engagement Rate Ranking – Measures the expected level of engagement your ad will drive in comparison to the others competing for the same audience. Engagement includes all clicks, likes, comments and shares.

    These 3 metrics measures how well your ads perform in comparison to other advertisers that are targeting the same audience. To get the highest rating for all three metrics, you need to have the right targeting parameters, relevant and engaging ads and the best post-click website experience possible to turn those clicks into desired goal conversions.

How to Improve Facebook Ad Post-Click Conversion Rates

In order to improve your FB ad Quality Ranking and Conversion Rate Ranking, the lowest hanging fruit is your website.

Take a look at your Google Analytics to see how well your current website is engaging with the 96% Facebook mobile users and keeping them on your site. You can see how much time mobile vs. desktop users are spending on your website, engaging with the website, how many are returning to your website, what’s your bounce rate and how does it compare to the industry norms.

Let’s look at the average time spent on the website by industry. How does your dealership website compare?

Stat - Time spent on the website by industry

Dramatically increase your car sales & ROI from Facebook advertising with a website designed for mobile devices

In order to get more traffic to your dealership, you can spend more on marketing, or you can optimize your current website and improve ROI from existing investment. Most dealerships spend a lot of time and money in driving traffic to their website, but the problem runs deeper in the funnel. Your dealership website!

According to JD Power, millennials take more than four months to decide what car to buy and over 53% use a mobile device to find automotive information.

So, how well is your dealership website engaging with millennials on mobile and desktop during their four-month research process?

Do you know how many people are coming back to your website on a daily basis?

Or, how much time are they spending on your website?

Is your website pushing car shoppers down the funnel and getting them to walk into your dealership, prepared to purchase a vehicle?

In conclusion, Call 321 Ignition now and let us help you crush competing dealerships into a fine powder.