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Online Car Shopping Just Got Easier

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Two major disrupters partnering up to make online car shopping simpler.

Two major automotive industry innovators and disrupters 321 Ignition and Ship Your Car Now (SYCN) have partnered up to streamline the online car shopping experience and drive more dealership car sales.

Higher Online Engagement in Less Than a Year

321 Ignition is a tech and digital marketing platform helping car dealerships be more responsive. The company helps make the purchasing process easier and more satisfying, especially for younger shoppers who expect and demand the latest technology solutions and the best and most seamless car buying process.

321 Ignition is based on a customer-first and mobile-first mission. The tech start-up launched in early 2019, is setting new standards for the convenience of online research and buying.

321 Ignition is already delivering 52% higher online engagement and showroom traffic for the dealerships that have joined the platform since its national roll-out.

Personal Experience Spurs Solutions

SYCN was founded in 2010, South Florida entrepreneur Gavin Keston. SYCN is a vehicle transport and shipping company with more than 13,000 vetted carriers across the US. The company has an annual growth rate topping 30 percent.  

Kesten founded his company after a sketchy experience transporting his newly acquired, high-performance customized Mustang.

“The whole thing was crazy,” Kesten said. “I booked the transport online with an outfit that, as it turned out, probably folded and disappeared before I put the phone down."

Kesten explains that said a shady gentleman in a hooded sweatshirt showed up at his house that night. He was demanding an arbitrary cash payment to unload Kesten's Mustang.

He immediately realized the need for a better way to ship vehicles. Hence he built a company SYCN which is now highest-ranked in the Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) transport industry.

SYCN is a vital partner to an increasing number of businesses with a solid reputation for on-time, cost-effective performance that has grown beyond the POV market.  

Together they are teaming up to tame the wild west of the online car shopping, shipping, and transport marketplace.

Because of the strength of their superior UX/UT technology both companies are expanding organically. They are entrepreneurial ventures that capture a market share because of their premium service standards and protocols. They both share a commitment to making the process transparent and accessible to the average well-informed younger consumer.

SYCN competes with major carriers servicing big car hauling clientele of manufacturers, dealerships, and wholesalers. Including, Jack Cooper Relocation, CarsArrive, Acertus (formerly Metrogistics), Montway, and Ready Auto Transport. However, SYCN gears to the needs and comfort levels of individual consumers. In other words and emphasis on Personal Ownership Vehicles (POV) transportation assignments.

“We’re the White Hat Guys in a business that has grown like wildfire on the internet without any real service standards,” Executive Vice President of SYCN John Robertson said.  

Both companies utilize exclusive mobile-first UX/UI design and customer-first functionality with turbo-charged engagement for easier online car shopping. Additionally, they use customized information and consumer tools that are revolutionizing dealerships’ online car sales.   

“We believe SYCN is the ideal strategic partner for 321 Ignition because our core missions are to provide car dealerships with the best service. We’re both motivated by ensuring the best possible transaction experience and emphasizing transparency and customer-first values in everything we do,” CEO and co-founder of 321 Ignition, Lyamen Savy said.  

In conclusion, 321 Ignition and SYCN are on a joint mission to eliminate the stresses of unknown variables in the car purchasing process. Together they are assuring a superior customer experience by providing transparency. The duo plans to bring car dealerships closer to their prospective buyers and deliver a seamless process for car shoppers; from advance research to a newly acquired vehicle.     

About 321 Ignition

321 Ignition founded in 2019 by marketing veterans Lyamen Savy and DJ Haddad. Their mission is to help dealerships win young customers for life. Focused on Gen Z and millennial shoppers, 321 Ignition offers innovative, mobile-first platforms customized for any sized car dealership, new or used.

321 Ignition offers a time-saving online customer service experience optimized for a generation on the go. Visit for more information. Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.